pacer imp

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pacer imp

Post by AAEA » Sat Sep 23, 2023 11:49 am

saw this one.

looks like a special order non scarf neck on there. ... SwHgBlDfoS

I own kramers :mrgreen

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Re: pacer imp

Post by Dirty D » Sat Sep 23, 2023 12:28 pm

With a pair of bare knuckles and a hard-to-find case included (although not original to the guitar), that looks like a good deal. If I hadn't bought three other Kramers in the past month, I'd probably be on that. Possibly one of the split-seam maple bodies, too. There appears to be part-out profit potential in all of that, and I'd imagine Bryan and Cody already have offers in. If somebody winds up popping on that, I'd buy the body for a couple hundred or make you a nice trade of something for it, assuming it is indeed a maple body.
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Re: pacer imp

Post by Takemebackto84 » Sat Sep 23, 2023 12:47 pm

Looks like a nice batch of parts - I'd be tempted but no UK shipping.

Is that a Lumi case too ?
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